Gene Kelly Award Nominations
     The Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theater is patterned after Broadway's Tony Awards and celebrates the power of Arts in education. Baldwin High School students and their spring musical, "Anything Goes", were recognized with nine Kelly nominations for Best All-Student Orchestra, Best Choreography, Best Crew and Technical Execution, Best Direction, Best Ensemble, Best Lighting Design, Best Scenic Design, and Best Musical. Freshman Justin Fortunato earned the nomination and award for Best Supporting Actor for his character of Moonface. With the honor of being nominated for Best Musical, Baldwin had the opportunity to perform the musical number, Anything Goes, for the audience at the 14th Annual Gene Kelly Awards at the Benedum Center.
    Elisha Whitney, a successful Ivy league Wall Street banker, waits impatiently for his assistant, Billy Crocker, to meet him at a New York City bar. Billy is to drop off some items Whitney needs for his vacation, and Whitney has to give Billy instructions to sell some stock for his personal account. It turns out that Billy forgot his boss' passport, so he will have to deliver it to Whitney on the cruise ship the following morning. Coincidence has it that Billy's old friend Reno Sweeny, a sexy Evangelist turned nightclub singer, plans to travel on the same boat as Whitney. Reno is interested in Billy romantically -I Get A Kick Out Of You, but Billy explains to her that he is in love with a girl named Hope. Reno even invites Billy to join her on the trip -There's No Cure Like Travel, but Billy just isn't interested in her that way         More
Cast Members
Reno Sweeney, a sexy evangelist turned nightclub singer
Dana Glaus
Hope Harcourt, a beautiful debutant Sarah College
Evangeline Harcourt, her mother, a widow Laura Van Wert
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, a wealthy Englishman John Graham
Elisha Whitney, a goggle-eyed tycoon Aaron Taylor
Billy Crocker, Whitney’s young assistant Adam Chapman
Moonface Martin, a hapless gangster, Public Enemy #13 Justin Fortunato
Erma, a sexy gangster’s moll Michelle Jenkins
Hu, a Chinese Convert Becky Proie
Wu, a Chinese Convert Erin Moran
Ship’s Captain Connor Nowalk
Ship’s Purser Gail Hofbauer
Purity Missy Kubisiak
Chastity Ali Buckman
Charity Christina Liebert
Virtue Nicole Cutone
Sailors Quartet Jesse Kitts
Jason Price
Connor Nowalk
Megan Curley
Fred, a bartender Ben Wallace
Henry T. Dobson, a minister Kevin Phillifent
FBI Agent #1 Brandon Petri
FBI Agent #2 Ben Wallace
News Photographer Jesse Kitts
News Reporter Ali Fink
News Reporter April Sites
Sailor Solo Jason Price
Girl Solo Carrie Charalambous
Old Lady in Wheelchair Veronica Noceti
Amy Boland, Ali Buckman, Andrea Bosco, Nikki Bott, Carrie Charalambous, Nicole Cutone, Holly Ignasky, Missy Kubisiak, Christine Liebert, Lindsay McCann, Michelle Jenkins, Danielle Niro, Becky Proie
Mike Birringer, Joe Gruber, Jesse Kitts, Joe Koll, Marc Mancini, Steve Meyer, Brandon Petri, Kevin Phillifent, Jason Price, Aaron Thoming, Ben Wallace
Amy Cecala, Nicole Conniff, Megan Curley, Laura Deely, Andrea DeLeonibus, Lindsey Farrell, Ali Fink, Sarah Gault, Jenna Giglio, Barbara Grden, Brianna Hancovsky, Kelly Hense, Emily Ilgen, Shayla Jenkins. Amanda Kelly, Jen Korbe, Jodi Matovich, Veronica Noceti, Jacqui Piels, Shannon Ruck, Megan Schiller, Nicole Shannon, Kendra Siefert, April Sites, Danielle Stockey, Amanda Stockhausen, Juliana Sànchez Trujillo, Jordan Vanerstone, Katy Wallander